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The BEST Cake Decorating Spots in L.A.

By Grace Nakimura on May 27, 2018

cake made by sweet lady jane


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You must be interested in finding the best cake decorators in L.A if you got this far. We have put together a review of the 7 best in Los Angeles and highly recommend all of them. If you are looking for a cake for a birthday party or wedding, these are our favorite cake decorating spots in the L.A. area.

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decorated carrot cake from valerie confections

Valerie Confections

Valerie was founded in 2004 by Valerie Gordon and partner Stan Weightman Jr. They are a premier artisan confectioner not only in L.A. but the entire country. Valerie is completely self-taught and originally began the company with only 6 different flavors of chocolate-dipped toffee. With her dedication to using the highest quality natural ingredients and her modern spin on classic chocolates the company grew a fan base quickly.

Since then Valerie has opened multiple shop locations and expanded their offering to petits fours, handmade preserves, cakes, wedding cakes, pastries, and a catering division. We highly recommend you stop by one of their locations or visit their store online to try some of the best cakes L.A. has to offer.


delicious berry pies from sweetladyjane

Sweet Lady Jane

Sweet Lady Jane is celebrating their 30 year anniversary this month and for good reason. For the last 30 years they have been providing the Los Angeles area some of the most premier cake decorating around. Jane Lockhart was not always in the cake business. She began experimenting with creating desserts at home when she noticed store bought desserts were “too sweet” or “too commercial”.

By creating desserts with fresh ingredients she was able to create delicious and moist delectables without them being overly sweet. Her idea was a hit and eventually Sweet Lady Jane opened its doors on May 5th, 1998. Visit their bakery or their shop online. Sweet Lady Jane also offers catering services. We love this cake decorator.


king’s hawaiian strawberry pie

King’s Hawaiian Bakery

The first King’s Hawaiian Bakery was opening in Hilo, Hawaii by Robert Taira in 1950. With years of success the team decided to expand production to Honolulu and also open a Restaurant alongside the Bakery. The combo was a hit and became extremely popular in Hawaii.

By 1977 King’s Hawaiian Bakery was ready to expand to the mainland and opened a Factory in Torrance, CA to distribute their products nationwide. In 1988 they opened another Bakery/Restaurant combo in Torrance.

Today King’s Hawaiian produces an assortment of baked goods including some of the best custom cakes. Whether you are looking for a tasty birthday cake or a fancy decorated wedding cake, King’s Hawaiian is a great option.

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pancake cake from top tier treats for the rock


Jamaica Crist grew up in the Northwest U.S. and found her passion for desserts in College. She began using florals as her signature touch and continues to do so.

She met her partner James at a wedding and the founded Jamaica’s Cakes in 2005. Now rebranded, TopTierTreats has been making custom decorated cakes in L.A. ever since. Stop by their store to see what all the fuss is about.


pancake cake from top tier treats for the rock

Cake Studio LA

Cake Studio prides themselves on “making beautiful and delicious cakes for any occasion”. Whether you are throwing a surprise go away party or have an office retirement, Cake Studio will put great attention to detail to ensure you cake is decorated exactly how you envision.

Cake Studio books a limited number of cakes every weekend so ensure you place your order significantly ahead of time so they can schedule it. Though they may be limited in the volume of cakes they can create, they ensure that only the VERY BEST will come from the L.A. Cake Studio kitchen.


decorated ice cream sandwiches from cream nation

Cream Nation

If you prefer ice cream over cake and are looking for new cake decorating ideas this is the spot for you. Cream Nation opened their doors in 2010 creating custom ice cream sandwiches for their customers. Though they don’t specialize in cake decoration, they do specialize in ice cream sandwich desserts. If you are looking to replace the typical birthday cake with something new this is a great option.

Cream Nation prides itself on 4 core values - Quality, Affordability, Outstand Customer Service & Atmosphere. They provide on-site, delivery and pick-up catering services for their ice cream sandwiches.


custom flower decorated cake from beverlys bakery

Beverly’s Bakery

Beverlys Bakery is constantly listed as one of the BEST cake decorators in Southern California. We’d also like to recognize them for creating custom cakes and desserts long before it was chic to do so.

This bakery began in the family kitchen and has lasted over 2 generations steadily growing. They now employee some of the top talent in the cake decorating business while maintaining their family style bakery.


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