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Choosing Appropriate Gifts For A Girls Bat Mitzvah | 8 Step Guide

By Grace Nakimura on July 10, 2018

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When a young girl of the Jewish faith turns 13, it is her right of passage as a Bat Mitzvah to accept her duties as an active adult participant in Judaism. In doing this the family and temple hold a ceremony and party to honor and celebrate that rite of passage and to welcome her into her new adult self. For boys this ceremony is called a Bar Mitzvah, and for girls, a Bat Mitzvah. This is one of the most important religious times in this young adults life, as well as a very peculiar time for them in many other ways. Being that these young adults are just reaching the age of 13 years old, their tastes and interests are often varies and unsure.

Finding an appropriate gift for a young woman on her Bar Mitzvah can then become a daunting task of uncertainty. While there are many types of gifts that can be given, it is important to note that a proper and meaningful gift, can be the most beneficial to this new young adult in the long run. Here is a guideline of 8 steps to help you assess what is an appropriate gift for a Bat Mitzvah.

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1. Decide On A Budget

The first thing for you to do when thinking about a bat mitzvah gift is to ask yourself a few questions to determine what kind of budget you should propose for your bat mitzvah gift ideas. Is the recipient a part of your immediate or extended family? If the girl receiving the gift id part of your family, it may be more appropriate to spend more than the normal guest on a bat mitzvah gift because of the nature of your relationship. Is your whole family invited? If the hosts have invited your whole family, it means that you are your family are very important to the host family, if this is the case, your budget is a reflection of your gratitude and so your budget can be bigger. What impact is my presence within this ceremony? If you are donating much of your time, services or help to putting together and assisting in the big day, you can consider a lot of that time and effort spent as part of your gift as well. Once you have picked out a budget, you can feel more confident in choosing a gift that will reflect your intentions.

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2. Reflect On Your Relationship To The Host

If you have known the bar mitzvah since they were a baby and have watched them transition into a young adult, your gift might want to be “bigger” which means it can be more expensive, or just more thoughtful. Giving a best friend a more thought out and important gift is often the case in comparison to giving a gift to a casual acquaintance. A close relationship to the bar mitzvah does not have to mean that you are spending a lot of money. A thoughtful gift can be something that doesn’t cost much, but is much more meaningful. Something with much more thought, time and effort can be considered a “big gift” to a bar mitzvah that you are very close with.

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3. Give Money In Multiples Of “Chai”

The Hebrew letters for the word “chai” which means life, are equal to the number 18. Because of this the number 18 is very significant in the Jewish religion. When giving the gift of money, it is customary to give money in increments of 18 — $18, $36, $54, $72 and so on and so forth. While it is not an obligation to give money to the bat mitzvah in multiples of chai, it is traditional and an easy thoughtful gift to give them that can be beneficial to their future. If you do not feel that your gift will be most appropriate in the form of cash or check, you can always give a prepaid gift card, which may not accept multiples of chai, but can be more targeted to a specific use. Regardless if you are giving $10 or $100, it is the thought that counts, and money, while seemingly simple, is a great gift. You are helping the young adult transition into adulthood and any amount of bat mitzvah money gift will be special to them.

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4. Give A Traditional Gift

As a young woman, jewelry is a lovely and memorable gift. There are many traditional jewish symbols and charms that look very classic and timely as a necklace or bracelet. That bat mitzvah gift for the special young adult can transcend that particular moment in time and be something that they will use for years to come. Giving the gift of a nice menorah or seder plate will be sure to make those future moments using those gifts, a special moment. Any of these religious bat mitzvah gift ideas will surely be a hit.

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5. Consider A Practical Gift

While some cash maybe be fun for your bat mitzvah girl to enjoy to purchase some new clothes or a new phone. Giving a bat mitzvah gift of a savings bond that they can use towards future education or a special trip would be considered a more practical choice of gifts but can also be more fulfilling in the end. When considering what is an appropriate gift for a bat mitzvah, using a more practical approach can save you time and effort as well as contribute to a gift for a greater purpose.

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6. Think About The Future

If you are invited to a bat mitzvah and have the opportunity to contribute towards a gift that will benefit the birthday girl with a lump sum from a savings account, a bond for her future education or for her future birth rite trip, it can feel really good as a guest to know that you helped set the new young adult with some exciting prospects for her future, and your bat mitzvah gift can do just that.


7. Make It Personalized

If you feel that you are stumped when you are searching for bat mitzvah gifts, ask the parents what hobbies and interests the bat mitzvah girl has and make the gift personalized to what she is really interested in. Or you can add a personal touch to something basic like a simple necklace by getting it engraved for her to remember her special day and this rite of passage into adulthood.

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8. Contribute To A Lesson Or Religious Story

Buying the bat mitzvah girl a gift that would be sentimental for her to learn something about herself, life, or her religion would not only be a kind and thoughtful present but also extremely meaningful to her and will enrich her life. Maybe your have a book that heavily influenced your life and your purpose, or a special cookbook that you used to make with your family for seder meals. There are many options on what to give as a bat mitzvah gift ideas that can truly make an impact in her life.

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Making the right decision on what gift to bring to a bat mitzvah can feel overwhelming, especially if your budget is tight. But when in doubt, it is always best to go with something more thoughtful and full of meaning than to buy something flashy and expensive, taking time to think about who your bat mitzvah is and what she is going to appreciate for years to come, will be the most essential step in your gift giving guide.

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