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Don’t Throw A House Party Without Reviewing This List [Planning Checklist]

By Grace Nakimura on September 28, 2018

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Not everyone knows what needs to be confirmed before assembling a get-together, and this checklist for throwing a party can be just what you need to get things started. Sometimes things slip our minds or we just flat out didn't think of something that was probably crucial. Whether it’s double checking something you already know you might have, or making a quick last minute trip to the store, this list will have your back and be just what you need for your party. No matter what theme, event, or age rage your having this list can be applied to almost anything.


Bathroom Necessities

Several toiletry items on a counter

Nothing is more frustrating for the guest and embarrassing for the host when they go to use the bathroom and an important object is missing. Whether it’s a clean hand towel and soap or a small box of tissues, nothing can be overlooked. In this case it’s always better to have too many things in the bathroom then not enough, meaning it's good to hope for the best but essentially prepare for the worst. Something that might fly right past you is not having additional toilet paper. As trivial as it may be, that is one item where you’ll want to have plenty of. You should have a full roll on the holder and an extra in arms reach of the occupant in the event of an emergency. Guests need to be able to try their hands after washing, if you have a full-house, it will make sense to have extra towels in the bathroom of different varieties such as bath mats, shower towels, hand towels, and washcloths. When things get rough, it's reassuring to know that there is a solution to the problem, and a toilet plunger is never a bad thing to have on hand, just in case. Additionally, you should always have hand soap present and under the counter if need be, because no one wants to go to the bathroom and have nothing to wash themselves with. If all these things are checked and accounted for then you can stop stressing and be reassured that the bathroom will be presentable for your party.

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Kitchen Supplies

Huge clean white kitchen

The kitchen can be a very hectic place during an event and no one ever knows when an incident is going to happen but if you have the right supplies at hand, everything should run along smoothly. Paper towels are a MUST in the kitchen and specially during a party, because whether it’s used for napkin or a little mishap it's not a huge concern if you have enough of them around. There are some things that aren’t as essential but should be readily available are cleaning supplies. They will be helpful with any stickiness or messes that might have happened during the dinning portion of the event. The food can be either a hit or miss at a party especially if there isn't enough for everyone so it's usually better to order or prepare extra. Having left overs is better because everyone gets a chance to eat and if the food is super delicious than most likely people will want seconds. Another thing that can backfire is when there is a lack of dinnerware such as cutlery and plates because people want to be comfortable while eating and if they don't have the right tools to eat then it's not gonna be a very enjoyable experience. If all those things on your party preparation checklist are acknowledged and checked off, then that part is going to be a breeze.

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Living Room Fundamentals

classic designed living room

Some people can be more observant than others and that’s why you do not want one single thing to be out of place for someone to notice, so this house party planning checklist would be perfect for an event with more watchful guests. It shouldn't be a surprise that a clean floor is expected at a party but it's understandable if that is left to be one of the last things you do on account of other things that can affect the cleanliness such as food preparation or any pets that are in the household. The same applies for any rugs, carpeting, and mats that might have some grime or oder locked into it. Clean furniture should also be checked and looked at so that there aren't any last minute surprises for any company to run up on. Really check out the couches by lifting up all the loose cushions and vacuuming all the dirt out from the underneath and washing any throw pillows for a fresh feel and sweet smell. Another troublesome situation that can happen is when there aren’t enough seating areas at the function your hosting. For example, when there aren't enough chairs and table space for the number of guests you have, it can make for a very awkward position for everyone around because people would be eating at different times or just eating and standing and no one really wants that to happen. This party to-do list can make a perfect event happen without anybody being the wiser.

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Guest Room Requirements

simple but pretty guest bedroom

If you happen to be holding the event at your house then there might be a need to spiffy up the guest bedroom just in case of an emergency. This is a last resort option just in case that someones car doesn't want to start, a mom is going to be late picking up her kid, or if someone's had a little too much to drink. A clean guest room should be a place of stability and relaxation to whoever stays there for whatever reason. When thinking of how to clean the guest room just consider what you would regularly do, such as sweeping and mopping the floors. Then go the extra mile and really tidy up around that area, and these same steps can be applied all over the house. Simply dust all the tables, nick nacks, and furniture that might be grubby with some disinfectant wipes or whatever else you wish to use. Also with household cleaner, wipe down all the mirrors and windows that could have streaks, oils, or grime that could be noticable. Adding to that party check-off list is a fresh pair of sheets and washed covers, so that it's a comfortable space and not dirty. If there are any items in the closet or dresser that you don't want the occupant to see, then it would be a good idea to take them out and place them elsewhere for the duration of their stay. This party planning list can be a great life saver and everyone will love what you did organizing that they won’t know how you pulled it all off.


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