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Top 7 Easter Songs for Families

By Grace Nakimura on March 20, 2018

Easter songs for families
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Before we tell you ours, we want to know: what are your favorite Easter songs? While it is true that there are no really famous songs about Easter, like there are for other holidays such as Christmas, Easter still leaves us with something to sing about. We’ve featured 7 of our favorites for you to share with your little ones.


Christ is Risen

Due to the origins of the holiday, many songs are religious in nature. This is one of them and is also one of the most popular Easter songs for families. Not only is it popular but it is one of the most beautiful. It was written by Matt Maher and Mia Fieldes and sang by Matt himself. The song speaks specifically of the moment Christ rose on the day that would become known as Easter Sunday.


Your Grace is Enough

This song was originally sang by Matt Maher, the artist behind “Christ is Risen”, however, this version is sang by Chris Tomlin and was recorded in 2004, just a year after Maher recorded it the first time. This song, while not mentioning the resurrection or Easter specifically, is often used to celebrate Easter due to its strong ties with the holiday. It also has an upbeat rhythm which makes it fun for kids and adults alike.

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Hot Cross Buns

Not all Easter songs have a religious background. In fact, the Hot Cross Buns song might even teach your kids a little bit about how those in other countries celebrate Easter, including Good Friday. In some cultures, Hot Cross Buns are eaten on Good Friday and the rhyme has been a staple around the holiday dating as far back as 1733 when the first versions of it were recorded.  


Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail is a storybook character kids find hard not to fall in love with. Did you know he had his own song to add to this list of tunes? He does! His song celebrates the fun of being a kid on Easter. The rhyme is fun and catchy, making it easy to follow along with even for the youngest ones.


The Way the Bunny Hops

Many younger kids aren’t ready to sing longer songs or the more complicated story rhymes. The Way the Bunny Hops is one of the best choices on this list of jingles. It is short and snappy as well as repetitive. Because of this, smaller kids are able to find the beat and catch on to the repetition. That doesn’t mean that older kids can’t join in the fun though - this song is fun for young and old alike.


The Song of the Easter Bunny

More of a short rhyme than a song, this little ditty brings the magic of the Easter bunny to your children. Once they are asleep, the Easter Bunny comes by to bring Easter baskets and to hide eggs in every nook and cranny, and if your kiddos are just learning the concepts behind the Easter Bunny, this rhyme will quickly let them know of the treats they are in for.

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Bunny Hokey Pokey

Everybody loves the Hokey Pokey, especially the kids. What better way to get everyone hyped up for Easter than by putting your bunny ears in and shaking all about! We are ending our list of Easter songs with one of the funnest ones. Get the kids moving, and maybe even join in yourself, before going on the hunt for Easter eggs on Easter morning.


Do you have any tracks to add to your playlist? We hope you enjoyed these 7 songs to listen to as a family this Easter holiday whether you choose songs of faith like those by Matt Maher and Chris Tomlin, a multicultural song like Hot Cross Buns, or even the more traditional and modern songs like the Bunny Hokey Pokey.

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