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Easy and Creative DIY Birthday Invitations [Make Your Own]

By Grace Nakimura on September 14, 2018

Little girl with party invitation
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The first step into planning any party is letting everyone know that there is going to be one. Getting the word out that it’s time to celebrate can be an awesome and a creative way to get the kids incorporated with their own party. With these DIY birthday invitation ideas you can customize them according to your child's desired theme. You’ll want to include the details, such as: birthday kids name, date and time of the event. Where the venue is being held, an additional RSVP section, and other information if necessary. These invitations can be creative and interactive and also be saved for years to come. Every birthday is special so this one of a kind invite that can be a memoir of that magical moment.


1. Flower Plate

Colorful paper flower invitations

Flowers don't need to be in season to throw a flower power party, and with these invitations it will be spring all year long. With this interactive invitation, it will have them feel like they’re in a flower festival and each one is made different for every guest. Below you will see the things you will need and the steps to follow for this easy-to-make invite. Turn this into something your birthday kid will love making and be excited to show it off.

Things you’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Non toxic colorful paint
  • Disposable chopsticks
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Black sharpie
  • Paint brushes, scissors, glue stick, and ect.

Step 1 - This creative invitation process is to paint the plate. So make sure that the area you choose to work on it’s ok if it gets a bit messy, so that your little artist can let out their inner picasso. No design is too simple or abstract, let them go wild with the paint and feel free to join in on the fun. Also don’t be scared to put your own personal touch, such as adding glitter, pom poms, or buttons. Just keep in mind that the center of the flower will be where all the information is going to be placed so maybe not put to much effort into that. After all the plates are done and painted, leave to dry and move two the next step.

Step 2 - Paint all your chopsticks with the green acrylic paint and wait for them to dry, because these will be the stems for our flowers. Also make sure to keep an eye on the little one so they don't accidentally poke themselves.

Step 3 - Get the invitation part of the flower completed. While everything is finishing up drying you can get all the details down. This is where the yellow construction paper and black sharpie come into play. You might want to leave the writing for yourself so everything is legible and nothing gets mixed up. Remember that all the words need to fit in the bud of the flower so estimate how big or small your writing needs to be.

Step 4 - Construct your flower and assemble everything. Cut the invitation into a circle or whatever shape you feel like doing and glue that to the center of the plate and press down. Cutting the petals of the flower can add a unique twist to what your making whether they are curved or wazy there is no wrong answer. Then use the masking tape to connect the stems to the back of the flower and make sure it is completely secure so no casualties happen. After everything is put together your all done and ready to pass them out to all your visitors with an great party to look forward too. This cheap and simple DIY birthday invite can be something your child is proud of and create almost all by themselves, with having a great time along the way.

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2. Pirate Map

Do it yourself pirate invitation

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, anyone can enjoy a good old pirate party with an adventurous invitation that makes you want to go explore for some treasure. This DIY pirate birthday invitation is easy to make and looks amazing, so not only will the kids be excited to attend but so will the parents. With just a few materials needed, you’ll be able to create your own world that the birthday kid will love to get there hands on.

Things you’ll need:

  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Red sharpie
  • Red string
  • Glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Printer, paper, pirate image and ect.

Step 1 - The first thing you want to do is to use a part of the brown bag that doesn't have any words or logos that might confuse the guest receiving it, but wrinkles or little tears aren't a big deal because they add more texture to the paper. Next, measure the envelope you will be using and rip the paper to be somewhat smaller so it can fit correctly inside.

Step 2 - We’ll be making a miniature pirate flag to add a little something extra to the invite. You'll need to find an image you find appealing such as a skull and crossbones or mermaid and so on. After choosing the image, size it to about 1x2 inches so its the shape of a flag, then print them out. After printed, cut them out and leave to the side as we work on the flag pole part. Using the toothpicks cut off the sharp ends so they are dull and glue them onto the paper and hold in place so they secure, then leave to dry for a few minutes. For the flag itself you can either glue it down or use double sided tape to place it on the edge of the toothpick and then your flag is all good to go.

Step 3 - is where “X” marks the spot so with your red sharpie draw down a bold “X” (preferably near the bottom of the paper) and that’s where the string will lead too. Using the glue make a simple trail and from the top of the card with a curve that leads to the “X” then wait for the glue to get a bit tacky and press the string right along the pass you just made. Wait for everything to dry then your pirate map is all ready.

Step 4 - Add all the information you need with a cute quote such as “Ahoy Mateys” or “Arrrrrr you ready kids” with the birthday kids name and upcoming age so all the guests know what’s happening and the venue address right next to the “X” at the bottom so it’s like there following a map to the party. These invitations look just like a vintage pirate map without losing all your treasure in the bank, that way you can enjoy these cards and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Vintage pirate map invite

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3. Unicorn Horn Lollipop

Unicorn lollipop invitation

Something about unicorns are so magical and sweet and that’s exactly how your guests will see your DIY unicorn birthday invitation. This invite is so adorable yet simple, that people will wonder why they didn’t think of it themselves.

Things you’ll need:

  • Plain pink invitation cards (preferably a tougher paper)
  • Twist lollipops
  • Pastel color bows
  • Black sharpie
  • Unicorn face reference, hole puncher, flower sticker, superglue and ect.

Step 1 - Creating this card is to design to face of the unicorn. It can either be the most detailed work ever or just a simple pair of eyelashes and ears, because there is no wrong way of drawing a unicorn. Place the layout of the face on the upper part of the card so that it looks like the horn is popping out of the card. After the face is drawn out it’s time to put the horn on.

Step 2 - This is where you really see the card come to life and look like a magical creature. With the hole puncher your going to place a hole about an inch below the top the card along the middle. Then after that you will thread the twist lollipop stick through the hole so the back of the stick is on the inside of the card. So that the lollipop doesn’t slip of the card out dab the smallest bit of superglue on the back of the stick so it connects to the card but can still be detached when needed.

Step 3 - is to add the bow right at the base of the lollipop with a touch of superglue so that the hole doesnt show and gives it an extra flair. Stickers, stamps, and glitter can also be used to give it personal touches so that there isn't a lot of negative space on the invite and impress everyone excited for the party.

The last step is to add all the information to the inside of the card such as the date, time, place, RSVP and anything you may want the guest to bring. And with all that put together you get a super sweet DIY birthday invitation card that will make people's day even more enchanting.

unicorn horn party invitation

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4. Pop Up Monster

Super cute pop up monster invite

Some kids are afraid of monsters, while others want to be one! With this DIY monster birthday invitation, you can really let the beast out. A pop-up card is super fun and easy to make, that all the little critters won't be able to wait and celebrate the birthday kid’s big day.

Things you’ll need:

  • Light green construction paper - 7x10 inches
  • Darker green construction paper - 6x6 inches
  • Printed text for invitation - 6x6 inches
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Step 1 - This card is to create your invitation and then print it out. Design it on whichever platform you choose with a 6 by 6 inch square template so that it fits the shape of the darker green construction paper. When your happy with the arrangement of the text make the outline of the text box black so you'll be able to cut it out without a problem. Next cut the text out with scissors following the black outline, and be sure to be as precise as possible. After the text is cut out you will connect it to the dark green construction paper with double sided tape so that the back of the paper is dark green and the front is the invitation information.

Step 2 - On to make sure the folding of the pop-up part is done correctly. With the text part facing up, fold the paper crosswise so that it makes a triangle and crease the paper then unfold, repeat to the other corners and unfold. Turn over so that the green side is facing you then hold in half vertically to make a rectangle then unfold. Push the sides of the paper in and it will form a triangular base then press flat.

Step 3 - Creating the pop up effect. Fold the two bottom corners of the first sheet so that they meet in the center, then flip the paper over and repeat the process and unfold. Next, inwardly fold the corners of the top sheet, meeting them in the middle on the inside. Flip the paper and repeat the process and the shape should resemble a house. Put double sided tape on the long edge of paper on both sides and your pop out should be all ready to go.

Cute monster invite

Step 4 - Assembling the card by placing the invitation inside it and making them one whole. Take the light green 6x7 inches card and fold vertically long ways and reopen. Position the pop up so that the point touches the inside of the fold and align in the bottom so they look uniform and tape them together. Close the card and press firmly to secure everything in place. Then open the card backup and checkout your work.

Step 5 - The final step is adding the details to make it really come to life. To create the monster spikes you’ll cut a piece of light green paper that's 2x6 inches and put double sided tape on the long edge, then cut triangles into the border of the card that doesn't have tape. Then, just attach the spikes to the spine of the card and move onto the eyes. For the eyes just cut out two white circles from scrap paper and draw on pupils then stick them above the pop up mouth with double sided tape and your all done. With this creative little card, you can really be proud of yourself and let the little monster in your life start the celebration of their birthday right.

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