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Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

By Grace Nakimura on November 17, 2017

Mom and daughter smiling at a birthday party with balloons
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Planning a special birthday celebration is tedious and stressful enough. Why add additional stress to your life by worrying about capturing the memories on film? You might think it’s a feasible and cheaper option to take pictures yourself or to appoint a friend or family member to capture those special moments, but having a professional photographer onsite is the way to go. Let me tell you why……...


  1. Better Quality -

Your cousin or niece might be a self-proclaimed photo guru who can take awesome pictures with their iPhone, but will the photos be high quality? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is usually “no”. A professional photographer has access to advanced equipment and awesome photo editing software that can change a less than alluring photo into a beautiful and captivating photo.


  1. Ability to Capture the Most Memorable and Important Moments -

A professional photographer will take a good mix of both posed shots and candid shots. Sometimes the best photos are the ones where guests have no clue that they’re being photographed. You can even give your photographer a list of people that you must have photographed at the event. This will ensure that all the important people you want photographed end up being in a few shots.

If you put a lot of energy and time into decorating, cooking, and prepping for the party, you want to make sure little details, such as gift bags, the food/cake, and the décor is captured on film. A professional photographer knows what little details to look for. They will make sure to capture every important aspect of your party, from start to finish.

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  1. Your Photographer Will Have You Covered In Case Something Goes Wrong -

If you choose to have a family member or friend be the unofficial photographer of your event, then you need to know that your photos may be gone forever, if by chance their phone or camera ends up missing or broken. Instead of worrying about these type of incidents, simply hire a professional photographer who will make sure all your photos are on a cloud server or backup drive. This protects you from having to deal with “lost” photos. Professional photographers also usually have backup cameras and equipment available in case something ends up going terribly wrong with their gear while working your party.


  1. You and Your Guests Will Be Free to Focus on Hosting and/or Having Fun -

Having to worry about taking pictures during an event you’re hosting is no fun. You should be focusing on chatting to your guests and having a great time. Hiring a professional photographer allows you to do just that. Not only will you be able to relax a bit by not having to run here, there, and everywhere making sure to capture everyone, but you will also be able to be in the pictures as well. You cannot be in the pictures if you’re the one taking them. The same goes for a friend or family member you might consider passing the photography duty too. Allow your guests to enjoy the festivities and be in the photos instead of having them stress over taking the pictures.


  1. Professional Photographers are Professionally Invested -

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re hiring someone who is personally invested in your satisfaction. They are personally invested because there’s usually a contract involved. They know they will not receive their payment if their services are not up to par. Sure, your grandma or best friend might work hard to get the best pictures for you, however, they will not retain the same level of professionalism. Professional photographers are 100 percent committed to making sure you get what you pay for, even if that means working for long periods of time without a break.


So, there you have it! If you’re wanting to capture the best images possible by an experienced photo guru with an artistic eye, then definitely hire a professional photographer to shoot your big birthday bash!


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