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5 Tips to Help You Throw a Stress-Free First Birthday Bash

By Grace Nakimura on January 12, 2018

Baby smiling and eating cake at her first birthday party
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Planning your child’s first birthday bash will be a piece of cake with these tips:

  1. Pick a Simple Theme

 When planning a child’s first birthday party, keep the theme simple and uncomplicated. After all, your little one is just stepping into being a one-year old and they more than likely don’t have a favorite cartoon character or color yet. You can keep the theme as simple as blue or pink. You also can incorporate their nursery décor into the theme. You may want to even consider planning their birthday decorations around their favorite book.


  1. Keep the Guest List Small

Having an intimate and small party allows for each guest to feel just as special as the guest of honor. Since your little tyke is not old enough to have a ton of friends yet, you can get away with just inviting family members and close family friends. You will have several years ahead of you where your little one will demand you to invite all their school friends and neighborhood friends. You will also want to keep the party short, especially if there will be other children there. Youngsters get cranky. If possible, try planning a first birthday party around your child’s nap time. Everyone will have more fun if your baby is well-rested and in good spirits.


  1. Don’t Overload Yourself

There is absolutely no shame in hiring professionals to assist on your child’s big day. You can have the food catered by a catering service, the cake baked by a baker, or even have your house cleaned up by a professional maid or cleaning service. You also can delegate tasks to other guests who have offered their help. For example, give one person the task of taking photos and assign another to pick up the cake or food. If you do choose to have several children at your child’s first birthday bash, you might even want to consider hiring a babysitter to help keep track of all the little ones.


  1. Give Your Baby Some Downtime

Don’t force your birthday boy or girl to be social if they just aren’t feeling it. Much like adults, babies get overwhelmed. If you notice that your little one is cranky, tired, or just not really feeling up to being social, allow him or her to relax for a little bit. This will eliminate the possibility of your baby throwing a fit in the middle of a party that is supposed to be for them. This will also eliminate the possibility of you having to leave your guests for a bit to calm down your little one’s irritable temperament.


  1. Buffet = Less Work

Since your party will probably include some adults and some children, plan the food accordingly. To keep it basic, stick with some finger foods and snacks. Here are some food and snack ideas to serve at your celebration. All your guests can simply help themselves to the buffet. If you choose to have it catered, make sure to discuss kid-friendly and adult-friendly options with the caterer.

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