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Cheap Party Game Prizes For Adults [Budget Friendly]

By Grace Nakimura on October 11, 2018

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There are so many occasions that people can hold celebrations for, so why not give some goodies to make the affair a bit sweeter and special. Whether it's for the usual friday game night with friends and you want to surprise your guests with a little thank you for coming over gift, or a huge gender reveal party with tons of activities that you just want to give rewards for winning. It can all be in good fun while also being easy on the wallet. With loads of party prize ideas for adults you'll wonder why you've never done it before now.

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Bachelorette Party Bonuses

Bridesmaids wearing the same dress looking at the bride

Something as sentimental as getting married is a huge occasion that deserves to be shared and appreciated. As a bride, there are so many stressful things that need to be taken care of and that's why having bridesmaids are such a blessing; to lend a hand and make sure your special day is just how you envision it. Bridesmaids deserve a little perk that is heartfelt and practical, without the weight of spending so much money. There are plenty of fun bridal party games you can play that everyone can be a winner in, so all you have to do is pick and get started. Put together an at-home spa kit so they can treat themselves while relaxing at their own pace.

First you will need to acquire a couple of gift bags or boxes to put everything into, then purchase all the items you wish to put inside. Some material suggestions for an at home spa kit include face masks, comfy socks, lotion, lip balms, and even nail polish for a cute self-done pedicure. All of those things can be very affordable so don't think you need to spend a lot of money to make them feel luxurious. Also, feel free to add any personal touches or features you think they'd like. Keep in mind the amount of gifts your going to give and then add a few more just in case something happens to one, or more people show up then expected. This is definitely something you should give to your bridesmaids for their hard work and all the love they have put into making this an amazing experience in your life. Not only will they take the great memories home but a reminder of the good times they had with you.

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Bachelor Party Prizes

Bachelor party with guys drinking beer

Going along the same lines of marriage a bachelor party isn't the same without a couple good prizes for party games. With so many games to play, there should be a little something extra to give the boys something they won't be expecting. Whether you guys decide to party hard or just taking it easy these are fitting, fun, and functional rewards for everyone deserving one. This is definitely a more adult trophy so make sure the receiver uses it responsibly, however these are only suggestions and less intense pieces can be used if prefered. These are prizes that are small enough and won't need a bag to be placed in, they can be handed out freely. Some good party prizes can include gift cards from places you know they frequent, or just more versatile stores and restaurants. The amount of money you want to spend depends on you and whatever you feel comfortable with. Another idea is having a couple of mini liquor bottles that can be passed out whenever a competition ends so that it feels like a real victory. A more interactive payoff would be giving out scratch off tickets to the winners even then they might be on a winning streak or lose it big. It’s an entertaining thing to watch happen because they could either win some money or go home empty-handed, but everyone will feel like they had an enjoyable night out.

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Game Night Jackpot

Monopoly board game with fake money

A lot of people love a good game night, but what if there was a prize on the line? That would make the round so much more exciting and a reason to win it all. Whether you're battling on the dance floor with Just Dance or playing a match of Scrabble. These super sweet encouragements will make it worth it in the end after some friendly competition. This is a great reminder of back when there was a classic movie bucket. The popcorn bags can be bought in bulk so everyone can reserve a sleeve and with a couple of bags of M&M’s and Twizzlers. they’ll be all ready to have a movie night snack wherever they please. This is a great party game prize because some of the candies can be munched on while they’re on their way back home from the gathering, or the goodies can be saved for a cute date. All those things can be bought at a reasonable price and there is no need to buy brand-name items because the generic band is just as good and it's the thought that counts. Your players will love the pleasant nostalgia that will be brought back out of nowhere from this iconic award and look forward to the next time you're hosting a game night.

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Gender Reveal Rewards

Couple kissing and holding balloons

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting things in a person's life, so there should be some build up into finding out if its a girl or a boy. There are plenty of games and activities that can have result into winning some prizes at the end, but these things will be so cute that your guests will wonder how you ever thought of it. Bundle together sanitizers, loofah, and gum that either has pink or blue packaging. Then, get a bunch of Hershey chocolate bars and with a pink and blue sharpy fill in the “HER” or “HE” part of the name in each bar for an adorable touch that everyone will think is pure genius. These components are low-cost and can be used in a day to day environment that your participants will surely appreciate.

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