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Where To Celebrate Your Kids Birthday Party: Fun Venues & Best Places

By Grace Nakimura on June 29, 2018

Kid painting with arts and crafts at party
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Maybe the weather is forecasting to be rainy and cold, or maybe your home is under renovations, or maybe your kid is really excited to do something completely different for their birthday. There can be a million different reasons why, this year, your home is not going to work out as the best places to have kids birthday party, or be the most ideal venue. When getting together a list of kids birthday party venues, it can be difficult to come up with some fun and unique ideas. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most kid friendly, fun, and creative spaces that you may have in your area to help your discover the perfect kid birthday party venues for your child.

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Kids birthday party painting and pottery

Pottery Party

One of the most classic and creative venues for kids birthday party places, is a DIY pottery painting store. Many of these stores, both chain and local, will have party packages set up for you where you can choose your budget, send them your guest list, and either bring your own catered food or have them help with snacks and refreshments. The best part about a pottery party is that the gift bags are included! Each child gets to take home at least one pottery keepsake that they will be able to display in their home as a reminder of the fun memories they made with friends.

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kid dressed as a superhero in the sun

Fire Fighting Heroes

Firefighters are not only here to protect and rescue us like the actual real life superheroes that they are, but many firehouses will offer their time through donation or volunteer to spend time with kids to teach them about being a firefighter, show them the fire house and take them on a tour of the fire trucks. If your search for fun places for kids birthday parties also wants to include educational and exciting, then contacting your local fire department for your next kids birthday party might be the best option for you. Even better, you are supporting the real life heroes in your home town by inspiring a younger generation to be brave and passionate about what they choose to do with their lives.


Under The Sea

Kids are often extremely fascinated by things that we, ourselves as parents, can also find very interesting. The ocean is such an amazing place with sea life that is beyond magical. A top pick for kids birthday party places would have to be an Aquarium, most major cities have some sort of Aquarium with a kids program specially designed for curious kids who want to explore, learn and see cool stuff. Pair an aquarium birthday party adventure with some create DIY underwater decorations, and a beautifully sea worthy cake for not only the best day of fun for the kids, but also picture perfect for you.


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Kid at Aquarium looking into tank at jellyfish

Sweat It Out

One of the biggest concerns for any parent who is throwing their child a birthday party is if that party is going to be entertaining enough to get out all of the energy of a group of children to the point of exhaustion. If the kids are falling asleep in the back of the car by the end of the party, many parents will consider that a complete success. Child birthday party places that are intended to tucker out kids for a days worth of fun can be a win-win situation for the kids as well as the parents. There are many versions of “Kid Gyms” that are equipped to host birthday parties. Most of them have foam pits, and trampolines, rock walls, and obstacle courses, all designed to keep kids active and excited throughout the whole afternoon. Be sure to stock up on extra water and snacks as these kids power through their party with pure happy energy.

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Kid jumping in the air wearing a fairy costume

Young Aspiring Chefs

Maybe the traditional child birthday party places are not going to be the perfect fit for your young one. So something more creative with a little bit of advanced skill sets might be the right path to go down. There are many places that hold private cooking classes not only for adults but for children too! Set up a birthday session with a. Private chef and have your kids baking and cookie some of their favorite delicious snacks and treats while you get to watch them scurry around a kitchen in a chefs hat covered in flour. Not only will your kid leave the experience with a sense of self accomplishment but your child might also discover a passion for the culinary arts and can bring the skills their learned back into the home kitchen.

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baking supplies for kids to make birthday cupcakes

Factory Tour

Many kids have a curiosity that is insatiable and what better way to fulfill that curiosity than to take them on a tour of a factory that shows how some of their favorite things are made. From crayons, to ice cream, there are plenty of options for factories to choose from and many have a program suited especially for groups of children and even birthday parties. Not only will the kids learn about how things are made, but they can also take home some keepsakes and souvenirs from their tour that will remind them of all the fun they had at that party. They do say knowledge is power!


While having a party at home may be the most convenient way to host your kids birthday party. Finding out different options in your area for fun and unique party venues can help to relieve you of the stress of hosting and give your kids an experience to remember for a lifetime. There is a wide range of party types for all kinds of budgets, from free parks and picnics, to fully catered adventure venues, the choices are out there for you to discover, so use this as a starting point to find out your perfect venue for your next kids bday party places.

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