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Princess Party Themes for your Daughters 1st Birthday

By Grace Nakimura on July 30, 2018

1st birthday cake and happy birthday crown
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While your child might not remember her first birthday party when she grows up, it doesn’t mean it is not a monumental occasion that needs to be celebrated and cherished.

When your baby makes that milestone of one year around the sun, it is so important to create a birthday that is memorable and fun. And what better way to show your little darling that she is the most special little girl than throwing her a beautiful princess themed 1st birthday party! What are the best princess party themes for 1 year old? It may seem easy, but there are a lot of ways to create that special princess party theme feeling and it can get overwhelming. Whether it’s finding your little ones ideal princess party decorations, or princess themed food, we can help your conceptualize and create the perfect 1st birthday party.

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table setting of princess party decorations pink

A Royal Invitation

First things first. When it comes to throwing a fabulous princess party, you want to make sure that the invitations are as royal as the princess you are celebrating. Since this is your daughters first birthday, every little detail will be something that you will remember and cherish. Make the first step to this party a forever keepsake by creatively crafting an invitation that is as royal as the event. Use the internet to find some easy and printable downloads of prices graphics and images to add to your invite. Use many different shades of pink to ensure that your invite is princess to the max and add some special details like lots of sparkly glitter, or curled ribbon to give it that added boost of princess flair. Since this is your princess party themes 1st birthday, you might want to try something like dressing your daughter up in a pretty princess outfit, having a little photoshoot and adding one of those photos to the front of every invite just to give it that personalized touch.

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girl dressed as princess plays with castle

Perfectly Pink

The idea is to make the party feel like a surreal fairytale, so that everyone who is invited and all of the photos showcase the magical feeling of being at a princess party. What says princess party themes for 1 year old like the color pink! Raid your nearest party supply store for all things pink and sparkly. Grab a hold of some pink table cloths, streamers, balloons, ribbons and anything else you can seem to find, because once you look into your DIY princess party decorations your will find that anything pink can be used to enhance the theme. And when talking about everything being pink. There are a lot of extras that you can do to bring that pink element into the party. This recipe for princess popcorn is sure to be a crowd pleaser, not only is it a snack that is a favorite for kids and parents of all kinds, but it is pink and sparkles and totally fun for this special occasion. If you just want to add a pop of pink to some of your food items, using pink sure to rim glasses, or add to cake pops and cookies can give you that pink look you are looking for.

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party decorations pink balloons outside

Lots Of Sparkle

Sparkle is not just about putting some glitter onto a piece of paper. When it comes to princess parties, sparkle is a total game changing element. And there are many ways to add that sparkle and shine to your little girls first birthday party. Rhinestones and glitter can be added to any fabric, or material to give it a boost of princess prettiness. There are various types of spray glitter that can stick to other surfaces and can turn a simple object like a piece of wood, into a sparkling building block to a princess castle. If you find party favors and decorations at your local party store that seem to be a bit lackluster, adding some sparkle and shine can be just the thing to brighten them up and send your princess party to new heights.

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colorful spiral ribbon and confetti

Fit For A Queen

One would say that the most important element to a princess party would have to be the princess crowns. These are more than just princess party decorations, but it is what your princess party themes centers around. There are a few ways that you can incorporate princess crowns into your party. Since this is a first birthday party, it would not be easy to have the crowns be party of a DIY craft or one of the princess party themed games. But it could be a fun activity for the parents to design their own little princess crown for their special little girl. Another option is to find already made princess crowns and to use them as place holders at the tables for each guest, this way the tables look beautiful and royal and each little girl can get a pretty princess crown to take home with her.


Simply Sweet

Food for your daughters first birthday princess party can span a wide range of cuisines but one element that you would want to focus on is the color and look of the food. Having lots of light and airy, almost whimsical type foods, like cake pops, strawberries and whipped cream, little tea sandwiches and light appetizers and dips can give you the most freedom to keep within your theme while also providing some delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy. Create a princess punch from some pink lemonade and some festive fruit to give a sweet and refreshing princess party themed food.

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princess party decorations crown and table

Festive Favors

Little princess party themed games and goodie bags are going to be another key element to the success of your daughters princess party. Goodie bags can have a wide range of things in them, like brightly colored pink and purple candies, sparkly stickers, magic wands and even some homemade princess putty. As far as princess themed games, a fun twist on an old fashion game of pin the tail on the donkey, “place the kiss on the frog” can be printed out at home and can be enjoyed by all ages.


As your precious little princess reaches that important 1 year milestone. You will find yourself wanting to create the most picture perfect birthday party to capture the memories of this special occasion to share over the years to come. When you sit down to plan your party, know that there is no thing as too much pink and sparkly when it comes to a princess party, so feel free to let go a little and go wild with the glitter and the fun DIY decorations, you will love to look back on all of the effort put into the party and enjoy the memories for a lifetime.

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