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Throwing A Bar Mitzvah Party On A Budget

By Grace Nakimura on July 7, 2018

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For a young jewish boy turning 13 is one of the most, if not the biggest, turning point in his life. A bar mitzvah is a very meaningful jewish ritual as a right of passage into adulthood. A bar mitzvah party starts with a ceremony at the temple in the morning where the celebrated kid will read for the torah and perform other important religious rituals, after this ceremony is when friends and family are invited to come together and join in a party to celebrate the new blossoming adult. Now the party is where every young boy and girl dreams of. And with and understanding all that goes into a bat mitzvah, it is no cheap feat. While you want to be sure that your kid gets the everything they want on their special day, you have to stay within your budget. Here are some our best bar mitzvah party ideas, tips and tricks to keeping you under budget.

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Share The Cost

Whether it is friends from school or the temple, your child is bound to have someone close to them in their life who has a thirteenth birthday at around the same time as your kid. If the two of your are able to split the cost of the bar mitzvah party festivities, it would be better for both of your wallets as allow your kids to have more options to have their favorite perks and activities at their party. This coming of age party is next to marriage as being the most important party in a person's life, which can be both exciting and a huge financial burden, sharing both the excitement and the bills with another family is a great way of making sure that day is special and more affordable.


Email Your Invites

It may feel like you are skipping on an important part of the process, but invitations all eventually end up in the trash and you can be just as effective while still getting creative with an online invite. Sending out all of your invites online will save you a ton of money on a designers, letterpress and delivery, and for most people, they won’t even notice a difference. Your kid will still be able to celebrate their bar mitzvah with just as much love and support around them, and you will have saved some cash.

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Bar Mitzvah Party Torah

Pick Only The Most Essential Extras

Find out from your kid what they want most at their party, tell them to pick only a couple of items and to make sure it is really what they want. It might be tempting to want to so it all and hire a DJ and a photographer and a videographer and a Photo Booth, but in reality have only one or two of those things will bring just as much fun to the party but will save you a lot of money. When you are looking up vendors, there are often people who have multiple skills and can cover a few areas, or other vendors who are new to the business and might be able to give you a discount.


Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

While the whole point of a bar mitzvah is not to throw the biggest and best party, it can often get swept up in all of the party planning and comparing to other people's parties that you can lose sight of what this celebration is truly meant to be about, which is honoring a religious right of passage for a young adult. Ask your kid if there is something different they would want to do instead of the standard “wedding-like” reception party. Maybe they want to have a luncheon, or go to an arcade, doing something different can be special for your kid as well as save your money from have the traditional big party.

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Use Your Temple As A Resource

You are going to be spending most of the morning at the temple going through the religious ceremony, some temples off great spaces for a reception and can be exceedingly affordable to people who really need to pinch the budget on the venue. If your kid wants a change of location, your temple can be a good resource and give you suggestions from past bar mitzvahs and maybe even provide some contacts for you

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Ease Up On The Party Favors

You kid may try and tell you that the bar mitzvah party favors at the end of the night are the most important thing, but that is most likely because they are going to want something to brag about at school or temple the next week. In reality you don’t have to give out anything at the end of the night. Party favors can become really expensive really quick, especially if you are creating custom items, so go for something more economical, like a bag of candy or some novelty socks.


Borrow Your Formal Wear

When you child is going through bar mitzvah season, it is likely that your family is going to be attending multiple parties, which means several different occasions to ask, “what to wear to a bar mitzvah party” after collecting a couple of outfits over time, start saving some money by borrowing between friends, or siblings as a way to keep things cheaper. If you kid is constantly complain about what to wear to a mitzvah party, remind them about how sharing looks can be a fun way to make memories as well as helping you keep your budget down.

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Instead of Throwing a Party, Travel Instead!

This is going to be a hard sell for your 13 year old. But if you can remind them that parties are only a day long memory, while a trip can be life changing, maybe they will be more open to it. Many families want to visit Israel together, and what a better time than to celebrate the bar mitzvah of their kid, you can even plan a small ceremony there and have a vacation that is both educational and fun.

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Bar Mitzvahs are an important part of any Jewish families life, so it is necessary to start planning and saving for your child’s bar mitzvah when they are at a young age, while having and sticking to a budget is important, there will always be unexpected expenses that you need to be prepared for. Keep it as stress free and fun as possible by have a plan and sticking to it. And most importantly enjoy and celebrate this very special day.

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